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◦ Fight for Yourself ◦ Your Worth It ◦ Fight for Yourself ◦ ◦ Do Note Give Up

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You can share your story anonymously or as yourself. It is up to you. This is an opportunity for you to be a part of the PTSD Trauma Survivors community by sharing your story. The goal here is to show people that they are not alone. We want to share our journey of healing and recovery and in some cases talk about our traumas. We need to destigmatize PTSD and CPTSD and educate others about the disorders. How they happen, what they do to a person, and how we struggle and survive as adults. If you want your story heard, you can share it here. By filling out the form you are authorizing me to use your story, share your story, and edit it if necessary. (For spelling and grammatical issues) You have the option to share your story using your name or to share your story anonymously. If you click the anonymous box, only I will know your name. Your email will not be shared, that is just so I can communicate with you.

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