Religious Mania

Personal Demons

I wrote this not long after I wrote The Day My Mother Threw A Bike. I was trying to put myself in her shoes, think like she may have thought and imagined the world like she saw it through her religious mania. I was imagining her being questioned by the police after they took her away from me.

“You’re all crazy! Can’t you see what she is? Can’t you see what lives inside of her soul?” she mumbled from the floor of the glaring white prison they had dragged her into. “God will protect me from you.” She wiped her nose on her sleeve and continued to rock back and forth, praying softly.

She could hear them, whispering to her, at her, about her. Vicious lies. Trying to needle their way into her soul, take her over. They lived in the big mirror on the wall. So she huddled on the floor trying to shield herself from their view. She was stronger than them, she always had been.

She prayed louder. God saw all, heard all. He knew what was happening, how she was stalked and persecuted and how the evil was everywhere. He knew the battle she fought and he looked down upon her with joy, love and grace for how she fought in his name.

She could withstand any torture this world threw at her. Hadn’t she already? That’s right! “You have no power over me Satan!” she yelled as she slowly stood up from her hour long crouch to face the evil in the mirror. Her back seized up, an attack from Him. “The Lord watches out for me and I am more powerful than you with his light shielding me from above!”

She looked directly into the mirror, facing the Evil that hid inside, the evil that only she and others like her could see. She saw a world superimposed over the little white prison she had been locked up in for hours. It was a tortured world a city filled with fire and smoke. Buildings ablaze for eternity. A sky darkened by the red and black smoke coming out of the holes ripped into the earth. Men, women and children running and screaming from demons. Their flesh blackened and charred from the fires. Burning forever for their sins against God.

She shuddered and stood before her vision of the future and she watched silently, tears streaming down her face as one Demon slowly turned from her chase and grinned. Her teeth were sharp and red, her mouth covered in the blood of the innocent soul she had been feasting on.

Suddenly the demon was against the mirror staring directly at Molly. The demon’s red eyes followed her, her grin wide as the blood dripped slowly from the corner of her mouth, a piece for flesh was stuck on her scaly chin.

All sound ceased. The screaming and the banging sound of a world being ripped apart stopped. Her own heart beat was all she could hear in the sudden silence and it was overwhelming.

“Molly.” The beast hissed at her. Her claws scratching black burning indentations into the mirror. “We have been watching you Mooolly. We have been waiting for you…We already have your daughter.”

Molly screamed and hit at the mirror. “No you beast! Not yet! She is still God’s child!” She cried as she beat at the mirror. Her heart beating so rapidly her chest hurt. “You can’t have her Satan’s Spawn! I will fight you!”

The Demon laughed and sprayed a mist of blood on the mirror. She began to change, warp before Molly’s eyes, she began to look human, her scales turning into white flesh, auburn hair sprouting from her pointed head. Molly stepped back in awe as the demon’s red eyes became rounded and hazel.
Molly stood silently before the mirror in horror as the vision before her changed. She now saw a simple mirror reflecting the little bright white room. She was looking at herself.

“You can’t win. We are everywhere. There is nothing you can do to stop the End of Days. Your child is ours and soon you will be too.” Her reflection laughed at her, her oily skin shining in the bright light, her hair limp and dirty.

“Look at yourself.” she flicked her oily hair. “You are a mess. You are nothing. You shit yourself and have been wearing your soiled clothing while everyone laughs at you.”

Molly stepped back from the mirror, from herself. “No.” she whispered. Her reflection grinned showing stained yellow teeth.

“Do you even know where you are sinner?” It yelled at her. “You are insane! You will never win this fight!” The Demon wearing her face spit at Molly and she watched as it slid down the the mirror and dripped onto the floor. “How?” She started to ask when the door suddenly flew open and a man walked into the room.

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