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Dear broken souls,

It’s been a few years since I sat down to write still just a kid knowing nothing about life
Now here I am 35 and I’m grown
Still not sure about life or how it will go

A world that’s broken that’s all I can see
a body that’s worn and no longer me.
A mind that is blank like it’s empty inside
The heart on my sleeve I wish I could hide.

Your thoughts can be dangerous when they’re trained you’re not enough
But you go through your life pretending that you’re tough.
The walls are built taller than most of them around
Because you’re sick of broken promises and always being let down.

Life is overwhelming when all you got is you
People say that they love you but is it really true?
When it’s all said and done who is actually there?
Who really loves you and who really cares?

Depression and anxiety they eat you up inside
You never want to leave you always want to hide.
You never feel good enough because that’s how your mind makes you feel
People tell you to get over it like your problems are not real.

So you never talk about it you just keep it in your head Hating every day and wishing you were dead.
The problem never solved a heart never healed
Your feelings just forgotten denying your appeal.

Will they ever listen will they ever care?
or will it take your death for them to be there?
To understand your sorrow the pain inside your heart to see the world around you was falling all apart.

Saying it will get better just keep your chin up does nothing for a broken Soul who feels like giving up.
It’s proof that we need-that this is not the end to feel like you matter and to feel that Joy again.

So to those of us who struggle who fight battles in our head hopefully death will lose and life will win instead.

-Another broken soul

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One Response

  1. Hugs to your sweet soul & bravo to your courage & strength to survive. Keep going! We will all rise together