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A Childhood Trauma Survival Story

Hi I am now almost 25. When I was just a few weeks old my dad hurt me physically for the first time. He pinched the top of my ear and it turned black instantly that was just the beginning. In the weeks and months that followed he had made my baby milk wrong deliberately so I would inhale the powder which resulted in me being admitted to hospital. Then when I got home he tried to drown me, I was covered in bruises and at 9 weeks old he threw me onto the sofa and broke my arm in 3 places the doctor called it a spiral break.

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Surviving A Massive Panic Attack

I thought that for my first post, I would revamp a post a I wrote a few years ago for another blog. I have been talking about my panic attacks on the facebook page and I felt that this would be a good place to start. While I was rereading this old post, I was struck by how things have not really changed all that much and the patterns that I spoke about are still a struggle. Which is why I decided to start taking medication to help with the symptoms, but that is for another post.

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