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P.H.P. Healing Philosophy is simple, even if the actual process is not.

Life isnt for the faint of heart


  • Acceptance: Accept your disorder. Accept your symptoms. Accept yourself as you are. Now to clarify, that does not mean you need to love yourself, not yet that come later for some of us. But you do need to Accept yourself and your symptoms.
  • Education: Educate yourself on your disorder, on the symptoms, how your disorder affects your brain and chemical makeup. Educate your family and friends and know that not all of them will be helpful in this journey. You are responsible for being your own advocate and finding advocates for yourself. Seek help.
  • Accommodation: Accommodate your triggers and your disorder. Know that healing from C-PTSD or PTSD takes time and work and effort and determination. Do not give up. You are not alone. You are valid as is how you react to your disorder. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Try to stop blaming yourself. Be kind to yourself.
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Maintaining Autonomy During Trauma Survival

Maintaining autonomy while healing from trauma can be an important aspect for survivors. It is important for survivors to have control over their own healing process and journey. This can be done by setting boundaries and establishing a sense of agency. Survivors can set boundaries with their therapists, friends, and family members in order to maintain a sense of control over their healing journey. Additionally, utilizing self-care techniques and practicing mindfulness can help survivors feel more in control of their own healing. It is also important for survivors to have a support system that respects their autonomy and allows them to make decisions about their own healing. By maintaining autonomy, survivors can reclaim their power, build resilience, and take steps towards healing from their trauma at their own pace.


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